School House Furniture offers a wide variety of skills to help bring your project to life. Restorations and Finishing are our main areas of expertise. With our custom blending station and base concentrates by Sherwin-Williams and Gemini, we can match just about any color you may need.  You choose the level of shine from hi-gloss to dead flat or anywhere in between, like satin, and we can make it match.  We use a commercial grade Acrylic Conversion Coating that is extremely durable.  It offers excellent resistance to water, alcohol, acetone, mustard, ketchup, and most other household liquids.   Repairs and Rebuilding priceless heirlooms.  "The best finish in the world is only as good as what it's stuck to."  There's no reason to have a pretty chair that you can't sit in.  We can re-glue loose chairs, rockers, chests, cabinets, trunks, and a host of other items.  We can make new arms, spindles, and legs to replace broken and missing originals. On Site Services include touch ups and detailing that can be done in the home or business. Touch ups and detailing can be done in the home or business.  Residential and Commercial furniture can often use a little "freshening" to reduce its aged appearance.  Water, pets, and people can all leave their own damage; we can offer you a quality repair.  Nicks, scratches, gouges, dents, chips, and worn edges can all be made to look less obvious. Insurance Inspections and Estimates. Military and civilian families alike can all benefit from an honest assessment and valuation of damage they have suffered.  Some small damages can be touched up to be virtually invisible, while more extensive damages may need to be stripped and refinished.  We offer expert estimates on wood furniture, glass panels, picture frames, glass  shelves, lamps and shades, grandfather clocks, and much, much more.  Most estimates can be scheduled and completed in a few days' time.